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Water Cooler




Metal with white painting housing



Rated Power


Rated Current

10ACooling 10A/12.3V,Preserving 1.5A/3.0V

Rated Voltage

110/220VAC  with transformer


1.0L  /  8 cups 

Continuous Cool 

Water Output

1.8L/H (<10C)

Average Cooling Period


Temperature Control Point


Filtration System

Filtration System is optional and hang out



1.Material: quality brass,including handles                                         

2. Deliver RO HOT COLD water  

3.water temperature: Max 97 (206F );Adjustable  

4. Inner pipe design,heat protection 

5..PE inside pipe imported from Germany



1.Innerbox:Size(cm):   31*26*8.2 

2.CartonSize(cm):      53*34*32   8pcs/Carton          3.G.W:12KG

IDIY Water Cooler solves the issue of poor cool water discharge volume compared with the capacity of conventional water dispenser cooler.

Typically water discharge volume is only 45% of the capacity of cooler.

This issue has been a major problem in water dispenser cooler industry for a long time.

It is also the most critical factor that severely restricted the performance cooler because to increase water discharge volume,the only thing to do is increasing the capacity of cooler.

However this will increase the load and prolong cooling time,thus resulting in poor performance.      

Water discharge volume of IDIY WATER COOLER can be as much as 90% of cooler capacity, significantly reducing cooler size when discharge volume is the 

same as conventional cooler. In this way, load is reduced and cooler performance of water dispenser is enhanced significantly.

IDIY WATER COOLER features unique fin type round radiator. Radiation performance is much better than current conventional water cooler, which is poor in 

heat radiation.

Performance comparison between IDIY WATER COOLER and compressor cooling water dispenser: Both dispensers are turned on simultaneously and work for the same time before discharging at the same time until water temperature reaches 10. Discharged water temperature, mixed temperature and discharged water 

volume of both machines are close to each other. The result is unparalleled by conventional water dispenser cooler.

Cost performance ratio of IDIY WATER COOLER is excellent. Its cost is just 7% higher than conventional product, yet at least 40% lower than compressor cooler.

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