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    Shanghai IDIY Industrial Co. Ltd. is the subsidiary of ETC Group, established in 2007, over 8-year experience in design & manufacturing of water purifier and water heating appliance production, specialized in product development, manufacturing and marketing enterprises. Through years of unremitting development, starting from business water boiler, IDIY has become the up-and-coming star in the commercial water dispenser industry in China with a sound image and reputation based on advanced technologies and high quality.   

    Relying on a solid network of progressive 200 partners ready in place, IDIY commercial water boilers have been widely used in Expo exhibition hall, governmental office buildings, military camps, airports, hospitals, hotels, factories, school and universities.  

    Relying on our R&D Department, we have one of the largest selections of water purifier, water dispenser, water boiler, ranging from very common items to most stylish and the most technologically advanced. We are able to undertake ODM orders and develop new products to meet consumer demand.  

    Relying on a team of trading associates well versed in global business practices, we are always able to meet our clients¡¯ business needs in a timely manner and exceed our clients¡¯ expectations for every transaction.  

IDIY has set up an international promotion strategy, now IDIY is exploring its potential markets all of the world£¬such as Southeast Asia, Australia and Europe.

    Currently, IDIY can supply such products as electric water boilers, under-sink hot water boiler, water dispenser, water cooler and water purifiers, widely used in office buildings, military camps, schools, hotels, factories, interior decoration.  

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